Landscape at Haven

The Haven Board of Directors is working to rid the common and limited common (rear yards) landscaped areas of invasive weeds and grasses. Many rear yards have become difficult to use or uninviting due to poor maintenance services. Below are examples of Haven rear yard improvements that may provide ideas to owners who would like to make their rear yards more usable and enjoyable. These are just a few of many options owners could submit to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for review and approval. Rear yards vary drastically throughout Haven; however, a concept for any particular yard is possible. Proposed plant material is part of the ACC review and approval process, so to ensure Haven is kept free of invasive plant material to the Austin / Central Texas area, a link below is provided.

The City of Austin created the Native And Adapted Landscape Plants guide to help select plants that are native and adapted to the Austin area. These plants tend to be drought-tolerant, need little if any supplemental fertilizer, are resistant to most diseases and pests and many provide habitat and food sources for local wildlife. By using less water, fertilizer, and chemicals in your yard, you contribute to conserving and protecting our precious water sources; our streams, lakes and aquifers.

Copies are available attached below & at: